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  • 05:13

    by Ronan BCS Added 838 Views / Likes

    A tribute to the FDNY by London based band The BibleCodeSundays. This song is written about an Irish American family steeped in the tradition of the FDNY- but from the words of one son who finds himself in the current conflict in Iraq. Just before he dies

  • 04:52

    by Ronan BCS Added 774 Views / Likes

    A tribute to the massive contribution made by Irish immigrants to London's success story. 'We built this City!' <br /> For more on this band go to

  • 04:38

    by Ronan BCS Added 1,345 Views / Likes

    Written especially for the forthcoming Irish Mob movie by Mike O'Dea called 'Townies', set in Charlestown, Boston. Take a trip through the criminal underworld of the Irish American Mob.<br /> for more on this band go to

  • 05:11

    by Ronan BCS Added 1,285 Views / Likes

    Jim Braddock defied all odds by beating Max Baer to win the World Heavyweight title in 1935. We wrote this song as a tribute to him. He will never be forgotton! For more on this band go to


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