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  • 04:45 My Dashing Darling (Mo Ghile Mear)

    My Dashing Darling (Mo Ghile Mear)

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,376 Views / Likes

    vocals -<br /> Mary Black<br /> iarla O Lionaird<br /> Mary Ann Kennedy<br /> Karen Matheson<br /> Karan Casey <br /> Allan MacDonald

  • 04:24 Shock On

    Shock On

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,545 Views / Likes

    Gráda Live in Harbor Springs, MI with guest Nic Gareiss

  • 02:03 The Wind that shakes the Barley

    The Wind that shakes the Barley

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,322 Views / Likes

    from 1976

  • 01:33 The Gold Ring

    The Gold Ring

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,788 Views / Likes

    Liam playing a solo in the company of Planxty from the National Stadium Dublin.

  • 02:52 The Morning Thrush

    The Morning Thrush

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,522 Views / Likes

    seamus ennis, genius uillean piper plays us a reel.<br /> taken from documentary Hand Me Down: Seamus Ennis Profile

  • 03:09 god of uilleann pipes

    god of uilleann pipes

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,485 Views / Likes

    seamus seen here demonstrating his genius ability to play the most difficult uilleann pipes.<br /> worlds most famous piper<br /> <br /> Not sure I buy into all that but still great stuff.

  • 03:11 MacCrimmon's Lament

    MacCrimmon's Lament

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,511 Views / Likes

    Tribute to Martyn ( 1971 - 2005). From the legendary Transatlantic Sessions

  • 03:01 If You Stay

    If You Stay

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,324 Views / Likes

    recorded at Celtic Connections 2008

  • 03:19 Puirt a Beul

    Puirt a Beul

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,424 Views / Likes

    Transatlantic Sessions 2:<br /> Iain MacDonald - pipes<br /> Jerry Douglas - dobro<br /> Donald Shaw - piano<br /> Russ Barenberg - mandolin<br /> Tommy Hayes - percussion<br /> Ricky Skaggs - guitar<br /> Danny T

  • 03:00 She Loves Me

    She Loves Me

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,281 Views / Likes

    She Loves Me. Written by Dougie MacLean, Scotland Singer Songwriter

  • 04:49 Broken Wings

    Broken Wings

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,414 Views / Likes

    Dougie MacLean's 'Broken Wings' performed with strings at The Perthshire Amber Festival, October 2005.

  • 04:36 Eternity


    by bayouwhistler Added 1,289 Views / Likes

    Eternity, written by Dougie MacLean and performed at Clunie Village Hall, Easter 2007.

  • 03:03 The Full Set

    The Full Set

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,235 Views / Likes

    From 2007 Cambridge Folk Festival

  • 05:29 The Boots of Spanish Leather

    The Boots of Spanish Leather

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,629 Views / Likes

    Traditional Irish band Dervish perform the Bob Dylan Song.

  • 06:22 My Bride and I

    My Bride and I

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,652 Views / Likes

    Dervish play a track from their new CD "Traveling Show" Recorded by Irish Television at the end of 2007

  • 04:32 The Coolea Jigs

    The Coolea Jigs

    by bayouwhistler Added 3,586 Views / Likes

    Dervish perform "The Coolea Jigs" From their award winning "Traveling Show" CD. Promo video

  • 04:13 The Swallows Tail

    The Swallows Tail

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,640 Views / Likes

    I like the way the tune changes every time the car comes out of the tunnels.

  • 04:15 Who Will Sing Me Lullabies

    Who Will Sing Me Lullabies

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,456 Views / Likes

    Kate Rusby Live From Leeds England

  • 04:33 Fare Thee Well

    Fare Thee Well

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,271 Views / Likes

    Kate Rusby performing 'Fare Thee Well'.

  • 04:08 Bon Lavogue / Mrs McLeod

    Bon Lavogue / Mrs McLeod

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,254 Views / Likes

    From Transatlantic Sessions:<br /> Goes from a "slow air" to a "reel" foot tapper!<br /> Davy Spillane<br /> Aly Bain<br /> Russ Barenberg

  • 03:05 Spin


    by bayouwhistler Added 1,375 Views / Likes

    Beth Patterson, celtic singer and performer from New Orleans. She plays Irish Bouzouki. Go and buy her records, they are great, esp. the live one. Her website:

  • 04:46 Chaos Mongrel/Dark Stranger's Ceili

    Chaos Mongrel/Dark Stranger's Ceili

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,544 Views / Likes

    Live at Yo Mama's in New Orleans

  • 03:10 Tennessee Stud

    Tennessee Stud

    by bayouwhistler Added 2,531 Views / Likes

    Jeff White and The Chieftains performing Tennessee Stud

  • 05:06 shady grove

    shady grove

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,623 Views / Likes

    shady grove

  • 05:12 May You Never

    May You Never

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,140 Views / Likes

    From Transatlantic Sessions series 1 (1995/6)<br /> bass: Danny Thompson<br /> dobro: Jerry Douglas

  • 04:32 The Last Pint

    The Last Pint

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,207 Views / Likes

    Kerry Whistles promo video

  • 02:33 Tuam Station Galway

    Tuam Station Galway

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,582 Views / Likes

    RiRa the band from Tuam perform for ForeFront productoins' "Abair Abhran" (aired on TG4) at Tuam Train Station in Galway.

  • 03:06 All Around My Hat

    All Around My Hat

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,122 Views / Likes

    Original Chrysalis Records promo video for Steeleye Span's 1975 hit 'All Around My Hat'

  • 01:55 Coal Quay Market

    Coal Quay Market

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,683 Views / Likes

    Cathy Ryan sings this one.

  • 02:39 The Humours of Ballyloughlin

    The Humours of Ballyloughlin

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,490 Views / Likes

    Paul & Arty play a guitar jig!

  • 05:37 The Lakes of Pontchartrain

    The Lakes of Pontchartrain

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,410 Views / Likes

    Paul singing this classic with Andy, 1977.

  • 02:45 The frost is all over

    The frost is all over

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,319 Views / Likes

    Planxty with Johnny Moynihan and Paul Brady in 1974. Johnny sings here.

  • 04:19 Old Hag You Have Killed Me

    Old Hag You Have Killed Me

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,272 Views / Likes

    The Bothy Band from 1977<br /> Set of jigs

  • 03:45 Drunken Landlady

    Drunken Landlady

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,357 Views / Likes

    The Morning Star, The Fishermans Lilt & The Drunken Landlady.

  • 03:35 1977 The Laurel Tree

    1977 The Laurel Tree

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,524 Views / Likes


  • 03:26 The Humours of Loughrea

    The Humours of Loughrea

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,570 Views / Likes

    This is Billy Brockers/The Humours of Loughrea and The Laurel Tree

  • 04:34 Michael O'Gorman's

    Michael O'Gorman's

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,236 Views / Likes

  • 03:00 Music in the Glen/The Humours of Scariff

    Music in the Glen/The Humours of Scariff

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,217 Views / Likes

    The Bothy Band in 1977

  • 03:14 16 come next Sunday

    16 come next Sunday

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,222 Views / Likes

    Triona sings here at the Embankment September 1976

  • 02:49 The Green groves of Erin

    The Green groves of Erin

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,366 Views / Likes

    Embankment Tallaght Dublin<br /> September 1976

  • 03:01 Do you love an apple

    Do you love an apple

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,313 Views / Likes

    Triona sings in the Embankment in September 1976

  • 04:07 Paddy Public Enemy #1 (LIVE)

    Paddy Public Enemy #1 (LIVE)

    by bayouwhistler Added 949 Views / Likes

    Extracted from Shane's documentary "If I Should Fall From Grace with God".<br /> <br /> Dublin Christmas 2000

  • 02:46 Matty (TV session)

    Matty (TV session)

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,187 Views / Likes

    Christy Moore and Johnny Mulhearn sing Wally Page's 'Matty'.

  • 03:14 The Mouth of The Tobique

    The Mouth of The Tobique

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,267 Views / Likes

    Sharon Shannon - button accordion<br /> Donal Lunny - bouzouki

  • 02:47 Òganaich Uir A Rinn M' Fhàgail

    Òganaich Uir A Rinn M' Fhàgail

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,648 Views / Likes

    Ã?ganaich Uir A Rinn M' FhÃgail<br /> (Oh Noble Youth Who Has Left Me)<br /> <br /> Transatlantic Sessions 3:<br /> Julie Fowlis - vocals & whistle<br /> Bruce Molsky - harmony vocals<br /> Donal Lunny

  • 05:09 Bothan Àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach

    Bothan Àirigh am Bràigh Raithneach

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,459 Views / Likes

    Transatlantic Sessions 3:<br /> Julie Fowlis - vocals<br /> Bruce Molsky - harmony vocals & fiddle<br /> Aly Bain - fiddle<br /> Michael McGoldrick - Whistle<br /> Russ Barenberg - mandolin<br /> Phil Cunningham - p

  • 02:45 An Spaílpin Fánach

    An Spaílpin Fánach

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,722 Views / Likes

    The song is called "An Spaílpin Fánach" from the album "At The End Of The Day"

  • 04:55 Three Jigs

    Three Jigs

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,538 Views / Likes

    I buried my wife and danced on top of her/..<br /> Very old.

  • 03:41 Slieve Galleon Braes

    Slieve Galleon Braes

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,702 Views / Likes

    Irish Emigration Ballad by Dolores Keane & John Faulkner.<br /> "As I was walkin' one morning all in the month of May<br /> To view all your mountains and valleys so gay,<br /> I was thinking on the flowers all going to decay<

  • 03:32 Puirt a Beul

    Puirt a Beul

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,569 Views / Likes

    The Highland Sessions: Puirt a Beul (Mouth Music), incorporating Mhorag an dean thu tighinn?, St Kilda Wedding, Air an Fheill, and Buachaille Dubh Fionnghal

  • 04:08 Lark on the Strand

    Lark on the Strand

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,564 Views / Likes

    Midsummer's night session

  • 02:11 An


    by bayouwhistler Added 2,013 Views / Likes

    Midsummer's night session

  • 03:30 Mary And The Soldier

    Mary And The Soldier

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,786 Views / Likes

    Paul Brady sings Mary and the Soldier with Andy Irvine on Irish TV in 1977

  • 04:17 Biodh An Deoch..

    Biodh An Deoch..

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,256 Views / Likes

    ...Seo 'N LÃimh Mo Rùin<br /> (The drink would be in my love's hand)<br /> Transatlantic Sessions series 3 (2007)<br /> <br /> bouzouki - Donal Lunny<br /> dobro - Jerry Douglas<br /> whistle - Micha

  • 04:50 The Cat She Went a Hunting

    The Cat She Went a Hunting

    by bayouwhistler Added 2,271 Views / Likes

    Dervish perform a song from their award winning "Traveling Show"CD

  • 03:11 Gypsies Tramps and Thieves

    Gypsies Tramps and Thieves

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,718 Views / Likes

    Traditional Irish band Dervish perform the Cher hit!

  • 03:28 Skywalking Song (Unplugged)

    Skywalking Song (Unplugged)

    by bayouwhistler Added 1,547 Views / Likes

    The Highland Sessions: <br /> A Skye "waulking song". Chuir m'Athair Mise Dha'n Taigh Charraideach (My Father Sent Me to the House of Sorrow), incorporating Seudan a'Chuain (Jewels of the Ocean)

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