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  • A Celtic Medley (Live)

    A Celtic Medley (Live)

    by lschillinger Added 1,516 Views / Likes

    Subscribe Unsubscribe nevesh February 15, 2008 (more info) (less info) Want to Subscribe? Sign in to youtube now! Sign in with your Google Account! Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - A Celtic Medley Ohne Filter Show Baden Baden, Germany Jun 30th, 1993

  • 02:19 The Scottish

    The Scottish

    by lschillinger Added 2,233 Views / Likes

    Funny clip. Explicit. Involves, golf and "Scotland the Languistic Adventure"

  • 01:15 Gaelic Sock Puppets

    Gaelic Sock Puppets

    by lschillinger Added 2,903 Views / Likes

    Amusing Gaelic Sock Puppets


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